'Sex superbug' reports false, health officials say

PHOENIX - Calm down, everyone—despite reports, there have been no ‘sex superbug' cases reported in the United States.

A Hawaii woman recently tested positive for the country's first confirmed case of drug-resistant gonorrhea, but it wasn't H041, the strain was first discovered in Japan in 2009 and nicknamed the ‘sex superbug.'

The ‘sex superbug' H041 hasn't been detected anywhere in the world since its first discovery. However, health officials say the threat of untreatable gonorrhea in the U.S. is very real.

"There is no multi-drug super resistant ‘superbug' yet in Hawaii or the United States," Peter Whiticer, of Hawaii's STD/AIDS prevention control, told Hawaii News Now. "But I think it does raise people's consciousness that gonorrhea is out there…there are new strains that are developing, and we need to be aware of that and protect ourselves."

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