SELF magazine issues apology to cancer patient shamed in photo

It may be too little too late after a national magazine apologized for making fun of a photo showing a woman running a Los Angeles marathon wearing a tutu.

SELF magazine reportedly asked the San Diego woman to use the photo, but when she saw the write-up she was “stunned and offended,” according to .

The caption on the photo references a tutu epidemic and pretty much makes fun of the girls. It was posted in a section of the magazine labeled "The BS Meter."

But Monika Allen said she makes the tutus and donates the money to Girls on the Run of San Diego.

The catch? Allen said the tutu she wore was especially important as she was in the middle of chemotherapy as she battles brain cancer.

SELF issued an apology on its Facebook page writing, “we sincerely apologize for our inadvertent insensitivity.”


They also said they had donated to Allen’s charity and offered to cover her “good work in a future issue.”

But is it too little too late? The issue is already out on newsstands all over the U.S.

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