Roseville, Michigan police may dig up driveway to search for remains, tipster says it's Jimmy Hoffa

ROSEVILLE, MI - It's another chapter in the story of former Teamsters President Jimmy Hoffa's disappearance. 

In the past couple of days a tipster told Roseville police that he believes Hoffa's body is buried underneath the driveway of a home on Florida near Gratiot.

According to police the man's story was credible enough that they brought out a ground-penetrating radar to check the driveway in question.

Investigators say they discovered an "anomaly." What that means is unclear but detectives are now planning to take soil samples from the driveway on Friday. If evidence of human remains are found in the soil sample Roseville PD may bring out heavy machinery to dig up the concrete.

The tipster's motives are unclear but sources say he has cancer and may be telling his story before he becomes too ill or dies.

FBI sources tell Action News they are aware of the investigation but are not involved at this point.

Roseville's Police Chief James Berlin says he is highly skeptical that anything connected to Hoffa will be found, but they will proceed with their investigation.

Hoffa disappeared in July of 1975.

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