Report: Preston Deener bullied during TV interview in Maryland

A teen standing up against bullying at a school in Maryland was bullied during a TV interview, according to a Tuesday report.

Preston Deener decided to make his fight with bullies at Brunswick High School public.  His case became more credible when three boys lashed out at him while speaking to a local TV station.

"The student came up to me and pushed me out of the way and said what are you recording," said Deener.  "The student was chasing me and all their friends were chasing me, so I ran and got some help."

The 15-year-old says the incident on tape is nothing compared to what happened last week.

"The student tackled me, and I responded by punching back to stand up for myself for the first time," said Deener. 

Deener was suspended for three days.  Now his mom is using her power through social media.

She started a Facebook page called "Stop bullies, support Preston Deener."  She wants to create a support group for victims and a place where parents learn how to handle the bullies.

"I'm hoping now that they take this more seriously than what they've had," said Cheryl Deener, Preston's mom.

The Frederick County School System wants students to report bullying not fight back.  Administrators say they are working to identify the boys.

"A full investigation is number one.  That's step number one, to find out what happened, and we'll go from there," said Michael Doerrer, Frederick County Public Schools.    

Preston says he has been bullied for years.  It all started with cyber-bullying.  The cousins of a Howard County teen who committed suicide after she was bullied are marking her 16th birthday on Tuesday by asking people to be kind. 

Preston is using the public incident to echo that message. 

"It made a trending topic now and now the whole county knows about it.  It's spreading around, now when I go places, people tweet about it.  I just saw Preston Deener," said Preston Deener.   

Deener was told he couldn't go to homecoming.  His mom met with the school, and the decision was reversed.

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