Reindeer poop: A unique idea for a holiday gift

BLOOMINGTON, IL - Need a unique gift this year? How about earrings or ornaments made out of reindeer poop.

More specifically - dehydrated reindeer poop that has been painted and turned into jewelry and ornaments.

Don't poo-poo the idea just yet!

The Miller Park Zoo in Bloomington, Illinois has been selling reindeer poop gifts for five years now, with orders coming in from around the world.

And they remain a hit with the locals.

"They come into the gift shop. And they'll be standing in front of the display and they'll say, 'Where are the reindeer ornaments?', because they heard about them. They'll say, 'Oh, they're right in front of us!' And they can't believe it, because they're kind of cute," said Zoological Society spokeswoman Susie Ohley.

If you're still turning up your nose at the idea, keep this in mind, the poop for sale has been fully sanitized.

And rumor has it, if you display the droppings on Christmas Eve, it helps Santa and his reindeer find their way home.

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