Rajwinder Kaur found alive after ‘The girl with this phone is dead' text

A New York woman feared to be in danger after her family received a haunting text message from her cell phone Sunday has been located in Texas, according to a Friday report.

Rajwinder Kaur, 26, vanished after leaving her home Sunday night to volunteer at a homeless shelter in Brooklyn, according to an article on msnbc.com .

Her sister reportedly received a text message from Kaur's phone that night that said, "The girl with this phone is dead."

In the article she said her sister wouldn't write a message like that.

The phone was tracked to Brooklyn Sunday night and shut off, according to the report.

Kaur was located in Texas Thursday after a friend contacted police and told them her location, according to msnbc.com .

The friend reportedly bought a bus ticket for Kaur to travel to Dallas, but it is unclear why she was there.

The article said she is alive and well. Read more.

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