Pregnant woman denies cancer treatment to save baby, dies 6 weeks after giving birth

NEW YORK - A New York woman has proven that a mother will do anything for her child -- even if it means making the ultimate sacrifice.

Elizabeth Joice, 36, was told she would never get pregnant after she went through chemotherapy to help her beat breast cancer. But then, amazingly, she did get pregnant.

"The amount of elation that we felt when we found out that we were pregnant, I mean, I'm not one for talking miracles, but it very much felt like a miracle bringing a child into this world," Elizabeth’s husband Max Joice said.

Just one month into Joice’s pregnancy, her cancer returned. Surgeons removed a tumor from her back, but they were unsure where else the cancer had spread.

Doctors could not perform a full body scan because it would hurt the baby, so Joice faced a heart-breaking decision: either terminate the pregnancy to have the scan or continue without knowing where the cancer had spread. She chose to keep her child alive.

"It was incredibly difficult to you know, to want to enjoy this amazing moment as much as you possibly can, yet to know that you're facing something so incredibly dire, and the chances didn't look good at that point," Max Joice said.

Doctors performed a cesarean section two months early and the couple welcomed their miracle baby, Lily Ann. "She was holding the baby. Just the joy on her face was just incredible," Dr. Joanne Stone, the director for Maternal Fetal Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital, told ABC News . "She said ‘This is worth it. ... I would do it all again to have this child.'"

Not long after she gave birth, surgeons found cancer in Joice's pelvis, abdomen and heart. She died six weeks later on March 9

Her husband said he will never get over her death, but he knows that she will always look down and love their little girl.

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