Powerball jackpot an estimated $400 million

Dreams could come true, and more if you're the winner of Wednesday's estimated $400 million Powerball drawing, the sixth largest jackpot in US lottery history.

In 43 states where the game is played, people are lining up for a chance to be the first big winner this year.

Your chances of winning the jackpot - 1 in 175 million but you've got to be in it to win it.

Experts say buying more tickets doesn't significantly boost your chances. But how you pick your numbers could.

Powerball officials say about 80 percent of people let the computer do the work and, about 80 percent of winners had their numbers picked by computer.

If you win the lump sum cash payment, you'll pocket a sweet $228 million.

Still, some people say, the statistics show the lottery is a losing bet and tonight, they're keeping their wallets closed.

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