Pope John Paul II crucifix statue falls in Italian ceremony, kills man before canonization

A celebration commemorating the canonization of Pope John Paul II turned deadly after a man was crushed by a large crucifix Wednesday.

In the strange turn of events, according to the Daily Mail, a 21-year-old man was killed when he was unable to get out of the way of a falling crucifix that was nearly 100 feet tall.

The man is said to have had a physical disability that hindered his speed of getting away of the statue, one report says.

The crucifix, created in 1995, was placed in the northern Italy town in 2005 after the Pope's visit.

It was reportedly fixed to the ground with cables and symbolized protection in the region, according to the story.

There are no reports as to why the crucifix statue fell, but there were noises that warned some visitors to get out of the way as it began to fall.

One man said the visitors fled after hearing the noises, but the victim seemed to go the wrong way.

Also strangely enough, reports say the victim lived on a street named after Pope John XXIII.

Pope John Paul II is set to be canonized, to become a saint, on Sunday, April 27 in front of a large audience from around the world.



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