Police: Naples mom hosted house party with alcohol for teen daughter, hid in bedroom

NAPLES, FL - A Naples mom is facing more than two dozen criminal charges after police say she hosted an underage drinking party at her home and then lied to them over the phone about her whereabouts.

Carolyn Weinand, 56, faces one misdemeanor charge of having an open house party and 26 counts of selling, giving or serving alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 21.

Her daughter, Mariel Weinand, 18, faces charges for having an open house party.

Police responded to the Weinands’ home shortly after midnight on Tuesday in reference to a noise complaint, according to an arrest report. Teens scattered throughout the yard and retreated into the house. Discarded cans and bottles and some marijuana were found where they had been sitting.

Officers knocked on the door and were greeted by Mariel Weinand who was unable to stand without the help of two other girls, reports said. She told police her mother was the homeowner and provided her cell phone number.

When police called, Carolyn Weinand told them she was out of town and gave permission for officers to clear the property of any partygoers, saying she didn’t know about the drinking going on.

Police entered the home and cleared out more than 20 teens before finding Carolyn Weinand hiding in a bedroom.

Carolyn Weinand told police she was aware of the party and thought she was keeping them safe by making them stay at the home. She did not admit to buying the alcohol, reports say.

Police said Carolyn Weinand continued to “make statements trying to justify having the party and allowing alcohol.”

Partygoers under 18 were released to their parents. Those 18 or older were allowed to leave with sober individuals who had not been at the party.

The marijuana found on scene tested positive and is being held until its owners can be identified, according to reports.

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