PD: Aurora, CO shooting suspect James Holmes' apartment booby trapped

AURORA, CO - Authorities are postponing until Saturday attempts to enter the booby-trapped apartment of a suspected gunman who opened fire in a crowded Aurora, Colorado, movie theater, Police Chief Dan Oates told reporters Friday.

The federal government is sending people and resources to help address how to deal with the situation, Oates said.

Police have evacuated five surrounding buildings.

Oates says bomb technicians are determining how to disarm flammable or explosive material in the third-floor apartment. Another official says there are wires nearby. Oates says police could be there some time.

Oates says pictures from inside the apartment are fairly disturbing and the devices look to be sophisticated.

The chief also said the booby traps at the home are "something I've never seen."

FBI agents and police used a hook and ladder fire truck and put a camera at the end of a 12-foot pole inside the apartment where 24-year-old James Holmes lives.

A neighbor of Holmes thinks Holmes may have tried to lure someone into his booby-trapped apartment to create a diversion during the shooting spree, according to Scripps Denver station.

The apartment is about four miles from the theater where at least 12 people were killed and 58 were wounded.

Spokeswoman Jacque Montgomery says Holmes was studying neuroscience in a Ph.D. program at the University of Colorado-Denver graduate school. University officials earlier said he was a student at the university's medical school.

Montgomery says Holmes enrolled in the program in June 2011 and was in the process of withdrawing.

Holmes is reportedly not talking to investigators and has asked for a lawyer.

The California family of the suspect say their hearts go out to those involved.

Police in San Diego read a statement Friday morning from family members of 24-year-old James Holmes, who graduated from high school in the San Diego area.

The family asked the media to respect their privacy. They say they're cooperating with authorities in San Diego and Aurora, Colo., and are trying to process everything.

San Diego police spokeswoman Andra Brown says there's nothing to suggest the family had any involvement.