Ortho-K contact lenses correct your vision while you sleep

A cutting edge therapy is allowing 13-year-old Juliana Meluskey to stay focused on playing soccer and just being an 8th grader.

"The idea that you wouldn't have to wear contacts the next day, and be able to see perfectly, was just really cool," she said.

11-year-old Jordan Moore plays basketball and has tried fumbling with glasses on the court for almost four years.

"It was really annoying," he said. Until now.

"The first and second day was almost perfect, and then the third day it was just perfect, I could see anything," said Jordan.

Both Jordan and Juliana are raving about a revolutionary therapy called Orthokeratology or Ortho-K.

Doctor Tom Babu of 20/20 Image Eye Centers in Scottsdale says the treatment is basically a retainer, like you wear after braces on your teeth, for your eyes.

"If a patient is mildly nearsighted, we want to put them in this therapy as soon as possible," said Babu.

"What this retainer will do is reshape the front part of the eye to keep it straight, if you will, to keep it reconnected," he said.

The contact lenses, which are virtually painless, have to be put in every night at bedtime, for at least six hours.

"They wake up in the morning, they'll take it out, and they'll see fine with no glasses or contacts," said Babu.

And the therapy isn't just for kids, nearsighted adults are also seeing better.

Doctor Babu coins it "overnight sight."

"Otherwise, to get complete therapeutic value, it takes about seven to ten days," he said.

The initial cost of the overnight vision therapy is about $1,500 for two sets of retainer lenses.

But patients say it's worth the price considering lost, broken or stolen glasses can run several hundred dollars each time there's a mishap.

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