North Carolina proposing ban on lottery ticket sales to welfare recipients, those who are bankrupt

RALEIGH, NC - Lawmakers in North Carolina are working on legislation that would keep people who are bankrupt or on welfare from buying lottery tickets.

Rep. Paul "Skip" Stam told ABC11 that in obvious cases, such as when a customer is paying for groceries with food stamps, they shouldn't be allowed to buy lottery tickets at the same time.

The measure would affect 1.7 million people in North Carolina who are on food stamps.

The idea isn't sitting well with some convenience store clerks who feel they'll be left to enforce a new law.

Stam said the state is giving welfare recipients money to live and by selling them a lottery ticket it's taking away money that's there to provide the bare necessities.

Some critics of the lottery say it is a tax on the poor, uneducated and elderly who tend to be more likely to buy lottery tickets.

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