North Carolina pharmacy hands out pill bottles of candy at July 4 parade

FAITH, NC - A North Carolina pharmacy has one family outraged after they handed out pill bottles filled with candy during a Fourth of July parade, according to WBTV .

Donald Hobart of Rowan County told WBTV that the Price Pharmacy in Granite Quarry threw the pill bottles, filled with Skittles, at his grandkids and friends' kids at the parade in Faith on Thursday.  

Wife Heather Hobart told WBTV of her concern that children will see a pill bottle in the future and assume there is candy inside.  

The pharmacy owner reportedly said he only threw loose candy to children and specifically handed the pill bottles to adults as a form of advertisement. He told WBTV that this was not his intent and even made the bottles a different color to prevent confusion.  

Although this was the only complaint that the pharmacy and parade organizers received regarding the pill bottles, one of the organizers agreed with the Hobarts that this does raise concern and was probably not a good idea.


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