'No Crimigrants': Denver woman posts hateful message on her home

DENVER - A hateful message written on a Denver home is angering neighbors, according to a Monday report.

Last week a woman put "F*** off Crimigrants" on her home. Crimigrants is a mix of the words criminal and immigrants.

When neighbors complained about the curse word and called police, the homeowner changed the message to "No Crimigrants."

"It's ignorance," said neighbor Peter Stretton.

The home sits a few blocks from a school. One neighbor said that is what concerned her.

"It's not a message that anyone in this neighborhood really wants to project," said Christina Stretton. "I see kids walking by here. That's unfortunate that the kids have to see that."

Scripps Denver station 7NEWS contacted the woman who put up the message. She did not give her name but said she posted the sign because she has grown frustrated with the city of Denver. The woman said she has complained to the city about crime, graffiti and zoning issues in her neighborhood. She said those complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

"Yeah I think the sign is extreme," the woman said through her window. "The sign was put there for a reason because I've got government neglecting their jobs."

The woman also complained that she suspects one of her neighbors is in the country illegally. Her sign may be offensive but it is protected by free speech.

"I feel like we're going backwards," said neighbor Christina Stretton.

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