New York publication West View News prints racist headline on President Obama article

NEW YORK - It seems strange in this day and age, but a New York publication printed a racist term in one of their headlines- and they're standing behind the decision.

According to Yahoo, a monthly paper called West View News published a story titled "N***** in the White House" and of course, people were upset.

Surprisingly enough, the article is reportedly a pro-President Obama article and its intention wasn't supposed to appear to negative.

The New York Post, another publication in the area, reported on the article, stating that some say the word is offensive no matter what context in which it was meant to be published.

The editor was "convinced" by the author to use the word in the headline, though some staff disagreed with the decision, Yahoo says. 

A comment from the editor published by the New York Post stated “in this article, however, (the author) reminded me that the New York Times avoids using the word which convinced me that West View should."

The author wanted to use the word because some Americans hate the president because he is black and he wanted to remind people that some still believe and use the term, the New York Post says.

Others think the headline was chosen just for shock value.

The article and headline did not appear on the West View News website, but was published in print, according to Yahoo.

The author of the attention-grabbing piece has reportedly used other offensive language in the past.

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