New York Post lists 'Top 10 Most Hated People in America'

Many would say "hate" is such a strong word... but a new list claims to rank the top 10 most hated people of America.

The New York Post asked its readers to vote for the top 10, and they then came up with their own list.

In terms of the poll, the most votes by readers went to Casey Anthony , the woman who was found not guilty in July for the death of her 2-year-old daughter.

Reality star Kim Kardashian came in second place.

The final list by the New York Post ranked John Edwards at No. 1 and Bernie Madoff at No. 2.

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Final results by the New York Post:

  1. John Edwards
  2. Bernie Madoff
  3. Casey Anthony
  4. O.J. Simpson
  5. Mel Gibson
  6. Jerry Sandusky
  7. Kim Kardashian
  8. Michael Moore
  9. Tiger Woods
  10. Paris Hilton

Results based on the readers' poll:

  1. Casey Anthony: 19.77%
  2. Kim Kardashian: 17.32%
  3. Jerry Sandusky:  16.78%
  4. Bernie Madoff:  14.65%
  5. Michael Moore:  10.34%
  6. John Edwards:  10.22%
  7. O.J. Simpson:  5.11%
  8. Mel Gibson:  2.04%
  9. Tiger Woods:  2.02%
  10. Paris HIlton:  1.74%
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