New York family plans on move to Arizona so son can be treated with medial marijuana

PHOENIX - A New York family is making a big move so their 9-month-old child can be treated with medical marijuana.

Brittany and Joe Wertman plan on making the move to Phoenix, Ariz. from near Buffalo, N.Y. with their son, Joey, who has a form of infant epilepsy that causes hundreds of spasms a day.

ABC News reports that according to affiliate WKBW-TV it’s a last resort for the family which plans to move next month.

Medical marijuana is legal in Arizona for patients under 18 under certain qualifications, ABC News reports.

Five-year-old Zander Welton of Mesa made headlines last year when he became a legal medical marijuana card holder.

Zander also suffers from seizures.

According to ABC News, medical marijuana is still illegal in New York, but in January Governor Andrew Cuomo announced an initiative to allow some hospitals to dispense marijuana for specific conditions.

The Wertman family is making the move to Arizona as a last resort which they hope will result in fewer spasms for Joey.

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