Milwaukee using cheese to thaw frozen roads

MILWAUKEE, WI - We all know Wisconsin is known for its cheese, but who knew it could be used to battle icy roads?

According to the New York Times, road crews are trying to thaw the freezing streets with re-purposed cheese brine.

Officials say mixing the dairy waste with traditional rock salt is an easy way to reduce costs and ease pollution.

According to the Times, last year Milwaukee used 44,000 tons of salt and spent about $6.5 million on snow and ice management, and that's with just 28 inches of snow. The year before, costs were more than $10 million.

The pilot "cheese" program is estimated to cost about $6,500 - mostly for transportation and storing.

The other good news is officials say residents in the area are not complaining of a foul smell in the streets.

Most of the cheese comes from a dairy production plant that donates its excess liquids.





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