Meteorological ‘bomb' brewing in Gulf of Mexico

Snow as far south as North Carolina

Despite spring, a low pressure system is in the beginning stages of development in the Gulf of Mexico just off the coast of Florida. This low is expected to travel up the east coast, making for a classic nor’easter setup, and rapidly strengthening as it moves.

When low-pressure systems are growing, their central pressure drops through the process. When that pressure drops 24 millibars in 24 hours, it’s called a bomb. The low traveling up the east coast in the next couple days is expected to see a pressure drop of about 30 millibars in that amount of time. In plain terms, this is a big one.

The center of the low will be in the Atlantic off the east coast. That means most of the rain and snow associated with it will fall in the ocean, but the outer edges of this system will still reach the mainland.

Rain will start to fall Monday night in parts of South Carolina. As this system continues north, the rain changes to snow showers on Tuesday in North Carolina, and this continues up the coast.

The greatest chance for heavy snow will happen Tuesday and Wednesday in the mountains of West Virginia, eastern Pennsylvania and New England. Besides snow in New England, the entire northeast is likely to experience hurricane force winds on top of the snow.

By Wednesday night, this system will be an afterthought as temperatures begin to warm up again and winds slow down considerably. Maybe then, it’ll finally start to feel less like January.

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