Lonely passenger records and lipsyncs 'All By Myself' video in empty Las Vegas airport

LAS VEGAS - Slot machines without players. A woman’s restroom without a line. Richard Dunn was stuck overnight at a Las Vegas airport and was all by himself.

Dunn was bumped from his flight, and to kill time at McCarran International Airport he made a music video.

Lip-syncing to Celine Dion’s “All By Myself” hit from 1996, Dunn stood behind the Delta Air Lines counter, behind a "need help" sign, at the bottom of the escalator and traveled through the airport recording his lonely nocturnal adventure.

He told Good Morning America  Wednesday morning that he played the song on his iPad and used a ruler, wheelchair, luggage tape, an extended laptop handle, a water bottle, his bag and his phone to capture the viral hit.

Sporting an “I heart LV” shirt, Dunn had to “run and get in place” while his innovative contraption rolled through the moving walkway and up the escalator.

He told GMA that it took him two to three hours to record the video.

He thought that his friends and family would watch his funny video and “that would be the end of it” but the Internet didn't think so.

Since uploading it on Vimeo , his video has garnered 3.9 million plays.

All by myself from Richard Dunn on Vimeo .

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