Latest on Obamacare enrollment, officials numbers promised soon

The White House has said it will release enrollment numbers through its website this week. Here is CNN's latest reporting on how many Americans have enrolled through the federally run website, through state-run programs and those who have signed up for expanded Medicaid coverage: (36 states)

Various news outlets have reported that fewer than 50,000 people have signed up for new private insurance plans through However, the Department of Health and Human Services, along with sources at the White House and with congressional committees, all tell CNN that there is not yet an official count.

HHS has promised to announce enrollment figures for these 36 states by the end of the week. These numbers will include people who have completed an application and selected a plan. CNN has canvassed all 36 states and they say they do not have a way to independently access the enrollment data.

State-run programs (14 states plus Washington D.C.)

In the 14 states and District of Columbia that are running their own sign-up programs, at least 54,700 people have enrolled in new private insurance plans.

This figure is reached by CNN's canvass of the 14 states. Only six of the states have reported actual enrollment figures. Of the rest, California, the largest, has promised to release its first enrollment numbers on Wednesday.


283,770 newly eligible people have been enrolled in Medicaid.

At least 130,532 newly eligible people are covered by Medicaid.

An additional 153,238 newly eligible people have signed up for Medicaid coverage that begins January 1.

Almost enrolled?

In October, some states said they were counting people who had chosen individual insurance plans, but not yet made an initial payment. CNN considers these people as "almost enrolled."

In our latest canvass, we found that these states -- most notably New York -- are no longer using this category. We also found that New York and at least two other states had misclassified many people who merely completed applications, as having actually chosen a plan.

We're now dropping any mention of people who are "almost enrolled." We have begun tallying "completed applications" as a secondary measure of interest/success in the sign-up process, which we'll include on future updates. This number is higher than the previous "almost enrolled" figure.

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