Video Timeline: The Anthony Weiner scandal

It began with him denying he ever sent lewd pictures of himself through his Twitter account and has escalated into a world-wide scandal.

New York Rep. Anthony Weiner has now apparently decided to resign his seat in Congress after a two-week scandal.

Click above to see a video breakdown of the scandal, beginning when Weiner denied ever sending any inappropriate photos to Wednesday, when a former porn star told media she asked him to lie about their online conversations.


Here is a breakdown of what videos are included:

 VIDEO 1 | June 1: Rep. Anthony Weiner tells CNN's Wolf Blitser he never sent any lewd photos over his Twitter account and that the photos that were sent were doctored.

VIDEO 2 | June 6: Rep. Weiner admits to media, and the world, he has had ‘several inappropriate conversations' with women over the Internet over the last several years.

VIDEO 3 | June 13: Anthony Weiner formally requests a two-week leave of absence.

VIDEO 4 | June 13: Rep. Cliff Stearns (R) Florida calls for Anthony Weiner's resignation.

VIDEO 5 | June 14: Sen. Charles Schumer says Rep. Anthony Weiner's 'wrongful acts' are 'distressing.'

VIDEO 6 | June 14: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D) Minority Leader and Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D) New York, comment on whether or not Rep. Anthony Weiner should resign.

VIDEO 7 | June 15: Former porn star Ginger Lee says Rep. Anthony Weiner told her to lie about their online conversations. 

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