Kate Middleton: Hospital confirms crank call to Kate Middleton's ward

LONDON - Pregnant Kate Middleton's personal health details were given to prank callers from Australia by one of the hospital nurses, Yahoo reports .

Two radio personalities from Australia reportedly called the hospital and impersonated Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, but expected to be hung up on right as they called.

According to Yahoo, the DJs said that they were "surprised" to get so much information and that they didn't mean to cause any harm. They told reporters that they weren't expecting to obtain any information to begin with because of their "terrible accents."

A nurse reportedly told the callers that the duchess was stable and doing well, sleeping on and off and that they could come visit her at a certain time once she was freshened up, Yahoo says.

The callers reportedly apologized and said they were pleased to hear that Middleton was doing well.

Middleton was hospitalized a few days ago for a case related to severe pregnancy morning sickness.

Reports say that the duchess is still in the hospital for treatment and that Prince William has been visiting her throughout her stay.

Yahoo says the hospital is going over protocols to determine what happened with the prank call incident.

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