John McCain calls Russia a "gas station"

Mad that he won't be vacationing in Siberia because of sanctions, Sen. John McCain sounded off on all things Russia on "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Tuesday.

The senator from Arizona, who used his Twitter account to announce sanctions imposed on him by Russian President Vladimir Putin this year, joked about his overseas account.

"My secret campaign fund bank account in Moscow is now frozen," he told Meyers.

"I like to call him Vladimir," McCain said, adding that he takes pride on his sanctions.

"There is nothing that could do me more good politically than to be sanctioned by Vladimir Putin," he said.

"Were other non-sanctioned senators jealous of you?" Meyers asked him.

"All of them," said McCain said. Other senators, he explained, were trying to stand close to him in photographs so they too would get sanctioned.

"How can I insult Vladimir so I can get sanctioned too?"McCain said.

Meyers noted that McCain has been a critic of President Barack Obama as well as Putin. He asked McCain, who ran against Obama in 2008, how he would project a tough front without turning it into a war.

"How do you project this idea of toughness without being willing to go to war or have any sort of armed conflict, which it seems like no one wants?" Meyers said.

"I'd be giving them some weapons with which to defend themselves," said McCain, referring to the interim Ukrainian government's military.

He also cited "other measures" such as "giving them money that they need to get their economy back on track," and allowing Ukraine to join the European Union, a decision that is not up to the United States.

"Look," the Republican senator said, "Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country."

"All it -- all he's got is gas and oil," McCain said referring to Russia and the Russian President. "And that's really all that is sustaining them."

In a CNN interview last week, Andriy Kobolev, 35, chief executive of Ukraine's state-owned Naftogaz, responsible for keeping the gas flowing into Ukraine, said reversing gas flow will be a solution in dealing with Russia over the supply of gas to Ukraine.

"If we find a solution which is not Russian gas, that very likely will lead to the situation when Ukraine will not be buying Russian gas for quite a long period of time," he told CNN's Richard Quest.

The 77-year-old senator, a prisoner of war nicknamed "maverick," then Meyers on Tuesday, "Wait, I take that back."

Then he tweaked his statement.

"It is a gas station run by a mafia that is masquerading as a country," he said.

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