Jennifer Lacy incident: Chamique Holdsclaw, former WNBA player, in jail for assault

ATLANTA - A former WNBA player is accused of attacking a woman's Range Rover with a bat then pulling out a gun and opening fire.

Olympic gold medal winner Chamique Holdsclaw turned herself into Atlanta police Thursday.

The alleged victim, Jennifer Lacy, is currently a player for the WNBA.

In a police report, she describes herself as Holdsclaw's ex-girlfriend.

She says on Tuesday Holdsclaw followed her and when she pulled over, things took a turn for the worse.

"After she used the baseball bat, the victim stated that she then pulled the firearm out and pointed the gun inside the car and fired a round," said Atlanta police Lt. Jeff Cantin.

Police believe Holdsclaw may have poured gasoline into the car and was trying to shoot into the car to start a bigger fire.

Holdsclaw posted on Twitter the day of the alleged incident: "Everything is a lesson learned. We all make decisions good and bad. As long as we grow from them that's all that matters."

She is in jail on a $10,000 bond.

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