Homeless Filipino boy Cris 'Kesz' Valdez wins $130,000 International Children's Peace Prize

The latest peace prize, valued at $130,000, was awarded to someone who founded a charity aimed towards homeless children -- that person being a fellow homeless child.

According to Yahoo , Cris "Kesz" Valdez, a young Filipino boy, started Championing Community Children when he was just 7 years old.

Watch a video about Valdez embedded below.

Valdez, now 13, had grown up on the streets, foraging for food and shelter, surviving in any way he could since he was 2.

The KidsRightsFoundation reports that Valdez has helped 10,000 children by giving them flip-flops, toys and clothes in Cavite City, a city in the Philippines, according to Yahoo.

Valdez said that he wants kids to learn good hygiene, their rights, how to take care of themselves and to never give up.

Thousands of homeless children just like Valdez face abuse and other dangers on a daily basis.

The $130,000 International Children's Peace Prize awarded to Valdez will go to charities of his choosing.


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