Girl, 9, loses 66 pounds: Breanna Bond drops 66 pounds in 1 year after bullying

Many of us would love to lose a few extra pounds but the numbers we want to see on the scale are always slightly out of reach.

Not for one 9-year-old girl, though.

Breanna Bond managed to trim down 66 pounds in just one year, according to ABC News , after gaining weight since her very early childhood.

ABC News reports that Bond weighed 186 pounds, but with a healthy diet, no-tolerance family exercise policy, and dedication, she made a huge change in her life for the better.

Bond told reporters that she was bullied and made fun of for her weight in school, could barely keep up with her friends and weighed around 100 pounds when she was old enough for kindergarten.

The little girl underwent various tests for diabetes, thyroid issues and other physical ailments, but specialists could find nothing wrong.

Her family stepped in just in time with a healthier lifestyle, and within a year, Bond dropped 66 pounds.

With the help of her family, Bond now uses the treadmill, walks trail loops, plays basketball and joined the swim team, according to ABC.

Her father told "Good Morning America" hosts, "Don't be afraid to do the tough love...It's worth it in the long run. It's their life that's at stake."

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