Geminid meteor shower: Huge light show expected Thursday night

A big meteor shower was expected to light up the skies Thursday night, and specialists said it would be the best show of the year.

Except for the cloud cover, the Geminid Meteors would have been most visible around 6 p.m. Arizona time Thursday, according to an article by NBC News .

These meteors originate near the Gemini Twins constellation and are known annually for their "slow, bright, graceful meteors and fireballs."

Some of these magnificent meteors, which NBC says are usually more impressive than the famous Perseid meteors, glow yellow, travel jagged or divided.

What made this year's Geminid show more impressive than others, is the fact that the moon was barely visible, increasing the chances of seeing the meteors in action.

The Gemini constellation could be seen rising in the sky just after dark in the east or northeast horizon, according to the article.

The meteors would be most visible later in the evening into the late hours of the night.

Canadian astronomy specialists think the shower will be best seen in North Africa, Europe, China and Russia will get the best show, but North Americans will also get a good show

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