Former Marine helps kids cross street to school in Pennsylvania

When he saw kids darting between cars to get to and from a Pennsylvania elementary school, a former Marine in the area knew he had to do something.

Cpl. Lewis Alston, who was wounded in the Vietnam War, decided to act as a crossing guard for students crossing the busy street while in uniform and all, ABC News says.

Since that day when he first stepped foot into his new duty, he's been coming back before and after school to assist kids across the street.

According to a local law enforcement official, there are many areas that have crosswalks and crossing guards, but due to limited resources, there can't be one everywhere.

Either way, Alston told ABC News that "it’s just heavy in my heart to have the students have to deal with this...The students saluted me. They say, ‘Thank you sir...One woman in her car said, ‘Thank you for your service,'" according to Alston.

ABC News says Alston arrived at the crosswalk that first day in uniform because he had just attended a funeral and wanted to help the very moment he drove by.

“I think the marine uniform was a great idea,” the Chief of Police told ABC. “He’s a very honorable man. You almost wish more people would take that much interest in a community.”

Alston says some of his other Marine friends want to form their own crossing guard service to help cover more areas without formal guards.

According to the article, other residents have also formed groups to help kids get to and from the school, but Alston is making a big impact with his distinctive uniform.

Alston told ABC, “I will stay there until this is worked out. If I can be there, I will be there."

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