Florida mom adds sandbox to son's grave so older brother can still play with him

JACKSONVILLE, FL - A Florida mother built a sandbox around her young son's grave as a way for his older brother to still remember him.

As First Coast News in Jacksonville reports, Ashlee Hammac's son, Ryan, died just five days after he was born last year.

He suffered from Hypoxic-Ischemic Encephlepathy, also know as HIE, which results in the brain not receiving enough oxygen, according to the report.

She decided to incorporate a sandbox as part of Ryan's grave site so his older brother, Tucker, would still be able to play with his younger brother.

In a photo posted online, Tucker can be seen playing with mini-construction trucks in the sandbox.

Hammac has also started a foundation, "Pages to Memories," to help raise awareness and funds for HIE research.

Read the entire report at FirstCoastNews.com .

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