Fitbit recalls Force after skin irritation reports, will offer full refunds to customers

After reports of skin irritation, Fitbit is voluntarily recalling its “Fitbit Force” and stopping future sales of the device, according to a statement by Fitbit CEO James Park. The company will refund customers who purchased the Fitbit Force for the full retail price, he says.

Force was introduced late last year as the company’s most advanced tracker, allowing users to track their daily activities and calories burned.

Park says only 1.7 percent of Force users reported skin irritation, but that the company took their concerns seriously.

Fitbit conducted an investigation to see what could be causing the irritation and found that it’s likely allergic contact dermatitis that some users are experiencing. They could be reacting to nickel used in the steel parts of the Force or to materials or adhesives used in the strap of the product.

Customers can request a return kit for the Fitbit Force here , and Fitbit will send out a reimbursement check.

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