Extreme couponer: It's a big 'waste of time'

Couponing has become a national obsession over the past 5 years. But there's a growing backlash to the  trend.

And now, one extreme couponer has given it up, calling it a big waste of time.

Extreme couponing became a rage over the past 5 years, thanks to the TLC series of the same name.

But lately some of the fun has gone out of it, with couponers clearing off shelves, and stores cracking down.

So one extreme couponer -- Christie Rakoczy -- has closed up shop, posting on her blog "6 Reasons Why I Stopped."

Why This Couponer Quit

1. "Freebies aren't really that desirable," saying she ended up with stacks of toothpaste she didnt need.

 2. "The same items continually go on sale."

3. "Extreme couponing leads to hoarding."

4. "Bargain shopping leads to unhealthy choices, such as junk food and processed meat, the items with the most coupons.

5. "Coupons are often used illegally, "such as buying more items than you should.

6: "It's a time consuming obsession."
She says to get significant savings, you must buy multiple papers, search the internet, and carry binders full of coupons, all for stuff you don't need in many cases.

Other couponers disagree with this bloggers assessment, saying it's still a way to save a lot of money.

But they admit that stores have made couponing a lot tougher the past 2 years, so that it does take more work now.

That way you don't waste your money.

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