Early guidelines to cut women's stroke risk

PHOENIX - A report published Thursday offers evidence-based guidelines to help women prevent strokes.

According to a National Public Radio article , women are at greater risk than men for strokes.

The main thrust of the guidelines published Thursday in Stroke , a journal of the American Heart Association, is about prevention.

The lead author of the report, Dr. Cheryl Bushnell, said the focus of the guideline is for women thinking about getting pregnant and women who are trying to avoid getting pregnant by using birth control pills.

This type of thinking is years earlier than women typically start to think about high blood pressure or stroke.

The new guidelines suggest considering blood pressure medication for women who are pregnant, which obstetricians may disagree with.

But women whose childbearing years are over are included in the recommendations. Several risk factors tend to increase women’s risk of stroke than men.

Each year 55,000 more women die of stroke than men and they die younger, according to the American Heart Associations, NPR reports.

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