'Drunkorexia' newest fad for college students

There's a new trend among college students trying to avoid the freshman 15, and it could land them in the hospital.

It's called "Drunkorexia."

"I've done it once and I was very sick after it, I just didn't like the feeling of not having anything in my stomach."

Dominic Lanciaux learned his lesson after one night of partying without eating left him really sick the next day.

His classmates say although they haven't tried what researchers call "Drunkorexia," it's not something they're interested in.

"I definitely don't drink on an empty stomach," said one classmate. "It just sounds unhealthy," said another.

These students have the right idea. Alcohol is poison to the body, and medical experts say drinking on an empty stomach can have serious consequences. It can even damage your stomach lining.

"Irritation and inflammation leads to bleeding inside the stomach so that's something that definitely can happen," said Dr. Marc Breen.

Breen has seen a lot of people in his emergency room suffering from alcohol poisoning.

Not eating before you drink means you'll get drunk faster. And it's when patients lose control of their bodies and can't breathe that doctors have to take drastic measures.

"With some of these cases they're even sick enough where we have to incubate them and put them on a breathing machine," said Breen.

According to a study conducted by the University of Florida, "Drunkorexia" occurs in up to 40-percent of college students.


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