Doctors say new drug Arimidex may cut risk of breast cancer by more than 50 percent

Researchers say there may be a safer option for older women at high risk for breast cancer.

And that's promising news for many doctors and patients out there.

The drug is called "Anastrozole" and is sold as "Arimidex."

A study of 4,000 women found that the daily hormone-blocking pill cuts the risk of developing breast cancer by more than half after five years.

Side effects include hot flashes and joint pain, but researchers say those symptoms were also seen in women who were given a placebo.

This drug is already a therapy used to keep breast cancer from coming back for those who've had the disease.

This isn't the first pill for high-risk women but some doctors believe it could be a game-changer.
One in eight women in the country develop breast cancer. So many women have a family history of the disease.

If you're at high risk, doctors say seek out an expert to explore your preventative options.

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