Disabled bunny rabbit 'Dolly' gets new lease on life with homemade wheelchair

A special rabbit named Dolly is especially lucky to have a clever owner with access to a wheeled child's toy and a big heart.

Dolly was adopted in 2010 to be a companion for another family pet, but she started showing signs of weakness soon after, according to MSN .

They realized Dolly was paralyzed and had several other health issues, some from birth defects, so she needed extra help getting around.

Her owner Brad Coffin decided to make her life a little easier by creating a wheelchair from a kid's Fisher Price toy, PVC pipe, sheep skin and wool, MSN says.

Though she can't hop around like other bunnies, she gets around just fine with her makeshift wheelchair.

"With a little wheelchair, she overcame pretty much everything," Coffin told MSN.

Coffin says he wanted to help his pet, but also wants to spread the word that disabled pets can have happy lives, too.

"We wanted to let everyone know that disabled animals can live a happy life. They don't need to be put to sleep just because the are disabled, and Dolly can show that really well," the family told MSN. "If your animal becomes disabled, don't just assume that this is it. Give them a chance, try ideas like we did and you might just be able to give them a second chance at life."

The family made Dolly a Facebook page to show everyone her progress and create hope for other disabled pet parents.




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