Dirk C. Kann, diver missing since 1999, recovered

Wisconsin officials said the well-preserved body of a diver missing for more than a decade has been recovered, according to a Wednesday report.

NBCNews.com said 52-year-old Dirk C. Kann went diving with two others at a shipwreck in Lake Michigan in 1999.

Kann was last seen decompressing at the 80-foot mark on a dive line, according to the article.

A second diver reportedly decompressed at the 40-foot mark and later stayed on the boat with the third diver.

The article said the two pulled on the dive line, but Kann was not there.

A search was reportedly called off after two days.

Divers spotted his body in 2002, but weather and equipment problems did not allow for recovery, according to the article.

A couple years later, a fisherman apparently snagged the body, but it was lost.

The article said divers found the body 200 feet deep on Saturday.

Kann was still in his wetsuit and positively identified Monday.  Read more.

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