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We have nominated eight politicians

Washington, an anonymous but obviously brilliant wag said once upon a time, is Hollywood for ugly people.

Ouch! How nasty. But so true in so many deep ways. We at DecodeDC, however, prefer to look at this sociological one-liner in a very shallow way. It's Oscar season on the Left Coast, and we want a piece of that action, for all the, um, ugly people.

So instead of haute couture gowns and skinny tuxedoes with hip bolo ties, shine up your lapel pins and rinse your C-SPAN mugs, for we intend to reward the year's finest political performances -- and we need your help.

You'll recall Sen. Ted Cruz, the Tea Party matinee idol, reading "Green Eggs and Ham" during his 24-hour faux-filibuster to block implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

President Barack Obama, the ultimate leading man, delivered his own Affordable Care Act moment with the unforgettable, and oft-repeated, promise that "if you like your plan, you can keep your plan." Or not.

Hillary Clinton gave every Hollywood grande dame from Joan Crawford to Meryl Streep a run for their royalties when she was being grilled by irate Republicans about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya. "What difference, at this point, does it make," she fired back, witheringly and just as irate.

Politicians have been performing since history has been recorded -- and some performances have stood the test of time for their eloquence, their intelligence and their ability to comfort a nation.

And others, well, not so much.

We have nominated eight video clips, and we are inviting you, members of the American Citizens Academy, to watch and vote for the one you think is best.

You don't get to vote for the winner of our Lifetime Achievement Award, Vice President Joe Biden. But you do get to watch a medley of his greatest hits -- free and uninterrupted.

So, start watching, submit your vote and click back here on Thursday, Feb. 27, to see which political star is taking home the DecodeDC People's Choice Award.

There was a long list of possibilities to choose from, so if there is a video that was not nominated that you would like to discuss, tell us about it on Twitter @DecodeDC.

Listen to our podcast for color commentary on nominees straight from the red carpet, watch the performances and, again, vote early and often. Listen below or click here.

The votes will be tabulated under secure conditions by the accounting firm Kant, Counte, Didley & Co. 

Not really. But we will have the winners next week.

Then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gets defiant
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Sen. Ted Cruz reads "Green Eggs and Ham" during filibuster

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Speaker John Boehner gets incredulous

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Gov. Chris Christie apologizes ... and apologizes

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First lady Michelle Obama busts a move with Jimmy Fallon
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President Barack Obama makes a promise about insurance
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Randy Neugebauer tells park ranger she should be ashamed
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Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits smoking crack
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No voting needed: Lifetime Achievement Award goes to VP Joe Biden

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