David Petraeus rehire: Should Obama rehire Petraeus amid scandal?

WASHINGTON - A piece written by Emily Yoffe from Slate is going viral for her opinion that President Barack Obama should rehire David Petraeus .

"I have a great idea whom Barack Obama should nominate as his next CIA director: Gen. David Petraeus." Yoffe wrote .

And General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, is back at his post.

General Allen returned to Kabul more than a week after the Pentagon announced it was investigating potentially inappropriate emails between Allen and Jill Kelley -- a Tampa socialite linked to the Petraeus sex scandal.

Allen had been in Washington when the news broke, because he was expected to testify before a Senate committee.

The four star general was nominated to become the commander of U.S. European Command and the top NATO general.

But Defense Secretary Leon Panetta has put that nomination on hold.

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