Conjoined twins, co-valedictorians thriving

A few of this year's high school valedictorians have something extra special to be proud of: beating the odds into life and success.

Last week, we reported on a high school student who graduated in Florida as valedictorian despite being homeless . This week, the impressive story of conjoined twins who became co-valedictorians has become popular around the country.

ABC's Good Morning America reported Tuesday that Emily and Caitlin Copeland, now 18, have surprised those around them after surviving a dangerous birth as conjoined twins and soon after becoming surgically separated.

According to GMA, Emily and Caitlin's parents expected a long, tough journey for their daughters after learning they weren't only twins, but that they were joined at the chest.

The Copeland's doctor said to GMA that "50 percent of conjoined twins end up as still births. And those that are born, there's only 25 percent survival."

Luckily, the twins survived birth and were able to be separated because, although their chest, liver and bile ducts were conjoined, they were not sharing a heart, GMA says.

They beat the odds again by surviving their surgical separation and were "thriving" throughout their life.

"When people talk to us, they're like, 'You just seem so close,'" Emily explained to GMA. "And I think being conjoined, you can actually look a picture, like, 'Wow, they really were close.' But, it's true. The physical aspect of it is 100 percent true emotionally."

Emily and Caitlin are reportedly a little scared for the future, since they will be truly separated for the first time.

The 18-year-olds will be heading to different Texas schools for colleges.

We're wishing them many more happy years- together and apart!

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