Boston bombing: Law enforcement uses infrared cameras to find suspect

Infrared cameras became an intricate tool in helping law enforcement locate suspect number two in the Boston Marathon bombings.

Brad Lindsey has been using the technology for more than a decade to help with energy efficiency in homes and said the picture displayed in the lens can pick up almost everything.

"I can see how and why police used these cameras. They are extremely sensitive to heat and it picks up all temperatures no matter the distance," said Lindsey with Horizon Energy systems here in the Valley.

The infrared capabilities can pick up heat on a wall from where a hand was placed for merely seconds.

"If you place your hand on the wall and remove it, with this camera you can see the heat from where your hand was," said Lindsey.

The only way someone has the potential to hide from the camera is using a thermal control membrane (TCM). TCM is a reflective material Lindsey created to help minimize heat gain and heat loss.

"It would have made it impossible to find someone with this. His heat was probably resonating in that boat," said Lindsey.

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