BLOG: Kmart 'Ship My Pants' ad: New Kmart ad causing laughter and controversy among parents

Kmart wants you to know that it is OK to ship your pants ... or your bed.

SHIP. That's the word you hear a mere dozen times in their latest "Ship My Pants" ad set to hit the television airwaves soon.

It's funny. It's catchy. It's also the latest ad causing some controversy among parents.

The ad is highlighting the stores new service that allows customers to purchase products online and have them shipped to their home.

However, some people find the ad to be offensive and unsuitable for children due to the obvious "tongue-in-cheek" take on the stores new service.

Viewers both in favor and against the ad have taken to the store's Facebook page to sound off.

Kmart said the television ad will air in the evenings as it will target a more adult audience.

What do you think of the ad -- funny or offensive?
Let us know in the comments below.

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