Austin Reed Sigg: Friends say Jessica Ridgeway murder suspect was very shy, quiet

WESTMINSTER, CO - Friends and playmates of the suspect arrested in the murder of Colorado 10-year-old Jessica Ridgeway said Austin Reed Sigg was very shy and quiet.

Sigg, 17, was arrested at his home near the Ketner Lake Open Space Tuesday night.

"He kept to himself," said Brooke Olds.

Olds said she doesn't remember how she met Sigg, but she's known him for about nine years.

"He would just always ask to play with us, when we were younger," said Olds.

"I would say he was Gothic," said Olds. "He never really talked about his family or his friends, all he talked about was playing or spending time with us."

Olds said he liked to play catch the flag with the neighborhood girls.

Olds also said Sigg didn't have a lot of friends that she knew about.

"Just us girls," said Olds.

Olds said she was shocked that Sigg got arrested.

"I could never, ever imagine that it could be him," said Olds. "He didn't say much."

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