Aurora movie theater holds reopening event 6 months after shooting at 'Dark Knight Rises' premiere

AURORA, CO - The Aurora movie theater that was the scene of a deadly mass shooting in July is holding a re-opening ceremony Thursday.

People directly impacted by the theater shooting are invited to attend a special "Evening of Remembrance." 

Governor John Hickenlooper and Aurora Mayor Steve Hogan will join Cinemark CEO Tim Warner for a 30 minute program starting at 6 p.m.

Two-thousand tickets have been given out to victims, emergency responders and hospital workers.

The group calling itself 'The Families of the Aurora Cinemark Theatre Massacre' said they rejected an invitation from Cinemark USA to attend Thursday night's event.

The  theater where James Holmes allegedly killed 12 people and injured 58 others has a new look and a new name now.

The facade is different too, that reddish-purple neon replaced with more muted colors and a new sign.

There are many changes inside, especially to Theater 9, which is now an XD theater with 354 seats and a new screen.

The theaters will now be labeled with letters instead of numbers.

Renovations took months to complete, and it's believed the cost was around $1 million.

The theater reopens to the public Friday.  A spokesperson told 7News earlier in the week they'll offer free tickets to everyone this weekend.

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