Arizonans keep their eyes on California wildfires

Wildfires continue to surge across Southern California, and it's not just Californians worrying about their homes, some Arizonans have vacation and family homes on the San Diego coastline.

Kira Samone just moved to Oceanside, California from Arizona. She sent ABC15 pictures of the fire.

“It’s scary when it’s happening to you and I’m hoping we don’t get evacuated,” said Samone in a Skype interview.

Samone’s house is 20 minutes from where one of the fires is raging, but she could smell the smoke and feel the heat.

“I woke up this morning and it was really hot in my room, so I checked the forecast and it said 'smoke' and I'm thinking how is 'smoke' our forecast so I look outside and there's this huge cloud of smoke," described Samone.

A short time later, Samone started getting text messages from friends in Carlsbad, California just north of Oceanside. They were being evacuated and began to warn her to start packing in case the blaze came her way.

“It's pretty freaky, I mean all I hear is police and fire and helicopters flying over,” Samone told ABC15.

The fire was just a mile and a half from Troy Cohen’s family home when we spoke with him.

Cohen works in Scottsdale, but vacations in the San Diego family home left behind by his grandmother.

His family was keeping a close watch on news reports.

“I can't even imagine what that would be like to lose something like that and to have something that's so important to our family and the memories that we have. I just can't imagine losing it,"  said Cohen.

Cohen was also keeping in touch with a property manager who told him the area was already without power and cable.

But it became even more real for Cohen when a close friend contacted him over Facebook asking for prayers. 

Her parents’ home was right in the line of the fiery beast.

“It's definitely hitting close to home,"  said Cohen

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