Are you enjoying or avoiding Black Friday in Arizona?

PHOENIX - Many Arizonans are hitting the stores for Black Friday, and sharing (or even venting) about their experiences through social media.

The big difference in this year's retail strategy was an early 9 p.m. opening Thanksgiving night for businesses like Toys "R" Us.

Other stores like Best Buy and Kohl's opened at midnight.

Early openings like this meant many stores were practically empty between 2 and 5 a.m.

As the lines picked back up along with the sun, some viewers shared their successes on the ABC15 Facebook page .

Viewer Linda Fenner wrote that she went to Walmart on Thanksgiving, got to Kohl's at midnight, and went to the mall at 2:30 a.m.

"My mom has been keeping me company and is a real trooper!" Fenner wrote.

Roni Aldaco wrote, "[I] hit up Walmart already for the 10 p.m. sale. [I] was there at 8, got out at 10:10 p.m. Same with Kohl's. Waited in line, got in, got my stuff and got out 15 minutes later."

Others say they're doing anything to stay away from the Black Friday madness.

"[I'm] spending time with my kids AT HOME, and not going anywhere near a store," wrote viewer Jenna Bates Sosa.

ABC15 caught up with shoppers at the Arrowhead Towne Center and they were some of the most dedicated Black Friday consumers.

"I've been up since basically 10 [or] 11 o'clock yesterday...haven't gone to bed yet," said shopper Michael Robinson.

A big "Trending Topic" in Phoenix on Twitter has, of course, been #blackfriday along with big box stores Best Buy and Target .

Check out their Black Friday ads in the special section.

Are you participating in Black Friday festivities, or are you avoiding them like the plague? Share YOUR Black Friday experiences with us by leaving a comment below.

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