Acid attack victims bare their faces for photo shoot

Acid attacks are still common in places like India and one organization is making victims feel beautiful and confident again.

Stop Acid Attacks, a group dedicated to ending the brutal punishments, recently set up a special photo shoot to document the women who have suffered.

Five of the thousands of victims who have been disfigured by painful acid attacks posed for photos, despite the fact that they usually hide their faces and bodies from the public.

According to CNN , one of the women even dreamt of being a clothing designer, so she was able to create all of the outfits the women wore in their photos. 


The photos were taken by photographer Rahul Sarahan who reportedly wanted to motivate victims to get out and live their lives. He wanted them to feel beautiful and confident again, CNN says.

Many of the women have debilitating skin issues, disfigured body parts, or cannot see or work properly from their injuries. Because of this, victims generally don't bare their skin or find jobs, according to the article.

"When the photos got circulated in the media, people started calling to inquire about me, I felt so good. After the photo shoot I want to go out meet more people," one of the women told CNN .

According to Stop Acid Attacks on Facebook , more than one acid attack happens per week, but another source from WeNews says about 1,000 women are attacked every year.


The attacks are usually carried out by husbands or men who want to punish a woman, WeNews says. If a woman denies a man's advances, disobeys him, acts flirty, is too beautiful or rejects marriage, she could become a victim.

CNN and WeNews say that compensation and laws for victims exist, but are not regulated or fair for the victims. Acid can be readily found in many places for cleaning or other purposes, so the sale of acid is hard to regulate as well, WeNews says.

Stop Acid Attacks originally posted the daring photos to their Facebook page in an effort to bring awareness to the attacks that many do not know occur in India and other places around the world.

The women in the photos are hoping to change their lives and changes the lives of others by showing their beauty both before and after they were attacked.




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