ABC15 goes one-on-one with Jimmy Kimmel before 'JKL!' debuts at 10:35pm

Stephanie Hockridge goes behind the scenes of JKL!

HOLLYWOOD, CA - It's the same show with the same ‘ole Jimmy, just a mere 25 minutes earlier. But, it's enough time to make even the funniest host second guess himself.

"Everyone tells you it's going to be great, but you don't know it's going to be great. Maybe it won't be great. Maybe it will be terrible. So, I'm just waiting to see what happens," said Jimmy Kimmel, host of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

"So, you're optimistic?" I asked. "Right. I'm always cautiously pessimistic," Kimmel replied.

The 10:35 p.m. time slot has huge implications as Kimmel goes head-to-head with Letterman and Leno. So, he's stepping it up with a brand new studio that includes new floors, a new guest entrance, a different backdrop and, even, a new desk. The only thing that he kept from the old set are the two chairs the guests sit in.

Kimmel admitted he hates change. But, the past few months have been full of it. In August, news broke of his engagement to Molly McNearny, the head writer of "Jimmy Kimmel Live!"

"I'm definitely funnier. I'm the funniest person in this building and anyone who says otherwise is fired. But, we have two head writers: Gary and Molly. It was a tough decision for me to decide which one to propose to, but ultimately I chose Molly," Kimme said.

By the way, we propose he keeps our favorite segment: Unnecessary Censorship. 

Kimmel said it's his favorite segment on the show.

"It's where we bleep things that don't need to be bleeped. People seem to really like that. I like it in particular because it requires no work from me," Kimmel said.

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