Abandoned puppy breaks into North Texas animal shelter

FORT WORTH, TX - Who needs a good news story this holiday season?

Just in time for Christmas, a puppy got his wish for a loving home after being dumped at a Texas animal shelter .

The puppy, who was left tied up outside the shelter, was able to make his way free and break-in to the shelter to be with the other animals.

According to Life with Dogs , when the employees of the shelter came to work in the morning, they found the 8-week-old lab mix had broke into the shelter overnight, made his way into a kennel and curled up to cuddle next to an 85-pound Great Pyrenees named Duke.

Shelter officials said the dog, named Rudy, was dropped off at the shelter the night before. His owners left him tied up outside hoping someone would find him.

Rudy managed to chew his way out of his leash, but instead of running off, surveillance video shows the pup scrambling through the shelter's fence. Pretty easy for a dog who only weighs five pounds.

Once inside the shelter, Rudy found Duke and squeezed into his kennel.

When shelter workers came in the next morning, Duke and Rudy were curled up together.

Since then, both dogs have found loving homes.

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